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Multicultural Family Support Centre

Our objective is to generate a sociocltural integration space where diversity is a bond that brings us together to have a good time and learn. We share with the families each and every one of our differences.

We want to offer the mediums for the children to play and learn naturally, constructing their world, “A WORLD OF PEACE ” where the differences unite, not separate.

In Frindel you can see how children from distinct parts of the world relate so naturally and happily as thought they were born side by side, they communicate, they speak and they laugh, creating affectionate bonds... it´s wonderful!!

Frindel is associate of ALPIC ( Family Support Centres of Catalunya)

whose objective is to look after the associated centres so that they have the highest levels of quality, in this way guaranteeing the security and wellbeing of all the children.

INFORMATION and REGISTRATION: Tel.: (+34) 609 707 791