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Multicultural Centre for Children

FRINDEL is a Multicultural Centre for children.

We are a ´Free Education´centre where children can interact and communicate in a natural way with others through play, affection and joy.
Our objective is to welcome and be able to help families who have recently come to Barcelona with the adaptation of their children.

Frindel is the continuation of the family environement where the children can stabilize their first contact with the exterior.

We give support to the families depending the needs of the kids of these ages with small groups, that guarantee a personalized and individualized attention.

We speak 4 languages, thanks to this the kids listen, pronounce and repeat getting used to other words, others sounds...all in a natural way through songs, games and activities.

Our languages are English, Spanish, Catalán and the most important....”Play and affection”, (This language never failes and is universal) !!

INFORMATION and REGISTRATION: Tel.: (+34) 609 707 791